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📣 Calling all members of our church community! 🙌 We want to hear from YOU! 🗣️

At St Constantine's Church, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of our community. 🤝

We're reaching out to you, our valued church members, for your input and ideas to enhance our activities and to help encourage people to come back to Mass and participate in the faith.

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve existing programs or create new ones that cater to different age groups or interests? 🤔

Are there specific events, outreach initiatives, or volunteer opportunities you'd like to see implemented? 🌍

We value your insights and want to make our church an even more vibrant and inclusive community.

Your ideas can help shape the future of our community, foster growth, and strengthen our bonds of faith. ✨

Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

St Constantine's Church, Govan

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